popHealth Freeze Message

ONC has officially ended its role as the primary developer, manager, and sole governance entity for the open source tool called popHealth. Since 2013, it has worked to prepare for transitioning the development, management and governance to the open source community.

At this point, ONC is freezing code associated with the popHealth github branch and it is freezing the content of the website. This github repository will remain available in the near term for anyone in the community to use as a resource. This includes forking the code into a new independent project. ONC plans to maintain the popHealth listservs.

Several highly active members of the community have decided to work with the Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA) as the open source management-support entity for popHealth going forward. A repository of their version of the code can be found here: https://github.com/osehra

ONC will still have a limited ongoing role in popHealth as outlined previously. We are very excited about the future of popHealth. If you have questions, please contact onc.request@hhs.gov.

– DATE OF POSTING: 09/25/2014

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popHealth Transition to Open Source Community

ONC has decided to transition popHealth to the open source community. A variety of resources describing this and supporting this can be found here.